Company Burger King
 Promo Price $1.49
 Date Posted 9/01/2016
 Expires “Limited time”
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Burger King is back at it again with their 10 piece chicken nuggets deal. Is this a surprise? No way. I guess it’s been so popular at Burger King that they continue to bring it back. So much so, I have added limited time in quotes, because we all know that’s a bunch of fluff.

Feeding a family of 17 isn’t so expensive nowadays with deals like this one. So go pick up a few hundred thousand nuggets and get dipping.

Is it worth it?
“Deal of the century” well… I guess. Personally, I am not a huge fan of chicken nuggets – but if you like nuggets, this is an excellent deal. Considering McDonald’s offers 20 nuggets for $5 on their McPick 2 menu, you can get the same amount for $3 at Burger King.

Deal Score: 5.0 Stars (Excellent)


Kevin O

Kevin O

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