Company Burger King
 Promo Price 2 for $4
 Date Posted 9/02/2016
 Expires Limited time
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Burger King is offering their tasty breakfast croissan’wiches at a discount. Buy two for only $4. Choose between their bacon egg and cheese, sausage egg and cheese, or ham egg and cheese croissan’wich. Mix and match to your choosing.

These sanwiches retail for $3.79 a piece normally. Personally, I enjoy their bacon egg and cheese croissan’wich, it’s pretty dang good.

Is it worth it?
Breakfast sandwiches are more expensive than they should be, I am not exactly sure but I think it’s to make up for the sandwiches they throw away because eggs cannot be sitting around for too long. Either way, this is a good deal and a tasty breakfast choice, in my opinion.

Deal Score: 4.0 Stars (Good)


Kevin O

Kevin O

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