Company McDonald’s
 Promo Price Free w/ purchase
 Date Posted 8/22/2017
 Expires 9/29/2017

For each and every Friday you can add a free medium fries to your order at McDonald’s when you scan the coupon via their app.

How to use the coupon: you must have installed the McD’s app and created an account. When you go to pay for your meal, simply open the app and click “deals”. There is where you will find the coupon for the medium fries. Tip: you don’t need to pay for your order through the app.

Note: you must purchase something.

Is it worth it?
Most certainly! The great thing is that this deal is valid on any purchase (even the value menu or ice cream, etc.). Awesome!

Deal Score: 4.0 Stars (Good)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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