Company McDonald’s
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 Date Updated 8/31/2017
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Let me get a McPick two. Yes, it’s stuck in my head too. Dang it McDonald’s, you need to relax with your catchy phrases and songs. Make it stop.

McDonald’s has brought back their McPick 2 deal. It seems they release this deal every September and it lasts about two months. Mix and match between a Big Mac, quarter pounder with cheese, Filet-O-Fish or 10 piece chicken McNuggets.

Last McPick two they offered a triple cheese burger instead of the Big Mac. I will take all the credit for bringing the Big Mac back (I did a lot of bickering). You’re welcome! :).

Is it worth it?
I think the deal is pretty decent since it doesn’t require a coupon, a fancy dance, or hoops to jump through. McDonald’s knows how not to piss off a customer. *Golf clap*

Deal Score: 4.0 Stars (Good)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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