My No SPAM Promise

nospamFirst of all, Spam is gross (sorry Hawaii, I know you like your Spam) but I have to say it… it’s been bottled up in me all these years. Everything is all good and dandy until someone bites into some hard shit.You spam eaters know what I am talking about, don’t pretend.

But seriously, I just want to take a second and thank you for looking into our newsletter. I understand you want to save money, I hope I can help. Shoot – might as well save money if you’re going to spend it anyways.

I promise to never SPAM you with garbage that you didn’t sign up for. If you want fast food deals, fast food deals is all you will get. Simple as that. At most, you will get one to two emails per week depending how stingy these fast food companies want to be (no one likes stingy fast food companies). But if there are more than a few deals going on any particular week, I will bunch them up into one/two emails.

If I am sending you too many emails, you can write me (, use smoke signals, or speak to me telepathically and I will do my best to accommodate you.

I have two different newsletters that you can signup for… one for fast food and the other, fast casual (see below).

Fast Food Newsletter:

Fast Casual Newsletter:
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