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 Company Papa John’s
 Promo Price $10
 Start Date 6/10/2017
 Expires 6/16/2017

Update (6/10/2017): Papa John’s has brought this deal back until June 16, 2017. The new coupon code is “FP6W24” and post information below has been updated.

Papa John’s is offering a large 5 topping create your own pizza (customize it yourself) or specialty pizza for $10. Use coupon code FP6W24 at checkout to cut the price down to ten bucks. You must order the pizza online (which is fine, we want to rack up some points on our account anyways).

Is it worth it?
That’s a lot of toppings if you ask me, haha. I think this deal is worth it if you have a pizza in mind that you enjoy. Personally, I prefer two toppings on my pizza; I have difficulty choosing two toppings let alone having to choose five… it could take hours!

Deal Score: 4.0 Stars (Good)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O