Company Popeyes
 Promo Price $5.00
 Date Posted 2/27/2017
 Expires 4/30/2017
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Update 3/27/2017: Popeyes is extending this deal until the end of April (4/30/2017).

Popeyes has released about $5 combo deal (they seem to release them every month) for the month of March. For $5 get 8 butterfly shrimp w/ cocktail sauce, a regular side (fries, mashed potatoes, mac and cheese, red beans and rice, etc.), and a biscuit.

Is it worth it?
Giving this combo deal a decent to good on our rating scale. Shrimp isn’t cheap and I think 8 of them is a decent portion. They look like large shrimp (if I would guess about a 4 – 5oz serving).

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Deal Score: 3.5 Stars (Decent/Good)


Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O