Company Sonic
 Promo Price $5.00
 Date Posted 03/01/2017
 Expires Limited time
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Sonic’s newest promotion is this $5 chicken strip dinner box. It brings three chicken strips (w/ BBQ sauce), tater tots, Texas roast and a single onion ring.

Is it worth it?
The one onion ring really throws this deal over the edge… I mean, it wasn’t good until they added that onion ring. Come on… what is this?

My guess is they’re doing it for marketing reasons, because I see no point in teasing me with an onion ring. Sonic is reaching with this one (from acceptance to annoyance). Damn.

Deal Score: 3.0 Stars (Decent)


Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O

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  1. Anonymous

    Chicken pieces very small…bread folded over soggy..
    A lot of tots small onion ring one lone French fry.
    Would NOT consider ordering again

    1. Kevin O Author

      I completely agree with you Katie. Most (if not all) meal deals bring a drink or a dessert for the same price. Thank you for commenting.