Company Subway
 Promo Price $6.00
 Date Posted 3/16/2017
 Expires N/A
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Subway is now offering a $6 sub of the day deal. Each day of the week is a different sub. Below you will find which sub corresponds with the day.

Monday: Sweet Onion Chicken Teriyaki
Tuesday: Oven Roasted Chicken
Wednesday: Turkey Breast
Thursday: Italian B.M.T
Friday: Tuna
Saturday: Black Forest Ham
Sunday: Meatball Marinara

Is it worth it?
This deal is going to save you $2 to $4 off menu price. I think this deal is better than the $3.50 six inch sub they were offering (this current deal is more of a complete meal).

Be sure you double check which days land on your favorite sub. Some customers will not compromise and end up buying the sub at menu price because it isn’t the right day for their favorite sub.

Deal Score: 4.0 Stars (Good)


Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O