Company Taco Bell
 Promo Price $5.00
 Start Date 6/23/2017
 Expires Limited time

For a limited time, Taco Bell has a $5 meal deal which brings a double chalupa, one nacho cheese Doritos Locos taco, one crunchy taco, and a medium drink (you can substitute a Mountain Dew or Airheads freeze for $0.40 extra).

Is it worth it?
I think this deal is pretty decent if not good. Taco Bell is competing with Wendy’s 4 for 4 or Checkers 4 for 3 and various other offers from Popeyes and Burger King. However, you might be craving some tacos instead of say a burger/sandwich (don’t worry, you’re not alone). I think this deal would be excellent if they removed the drink and reduced the price to $4. That’s just me though since I only drink water.

Deal Score: 3.5 Stars (Decent/Good)

Kevin O

Kevin O

Hello there, my name is Kevin. I enjoy long walks to most fast food restaurants. I like to wiggle my toes through the ketchup drawer while basking under the heat lamps. I only take my food seriously. Everything else is in the air, flying aimlessly. Contact Me - Rating Scale - My Thoughts on Nutrition
Kevin O

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