Company Taco Bell
 Promo Price $5.00
 Date Posted 3/18/2017
 Expires Limited time
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Taco Bell has brought back their $5 triple double crunchwrap box for a limited time. This deal features a… box. But within such box is… drum roll please! One triple double crunchwrap, one Doritos Locos taco, a crunchy taco, and a regular Mountain Dew Baja Blast. That’s a lot of sh… for $5.

Bet you can’t say triple double crunchwrap five times fast.

Is it worth it?
I think this is a fantastic deal and one that can truly be shared with someone else (if you want). The triple double crunchwrap is 700 calories and the two tacos around that much, too… sharing is doable.

It’s pretty rare that Taco Bell releases any deals, so take advantage while you have the chance. Make sure you pick me up a box, my address is. Haha. Enjoy.

Deal Score: 5.0 Stars (Excellent)


Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O