Company Taco Bell
 Promo Price Free
 Start Date 6/13/2017
 Time 2pm to 6pm
 Expires 6/13/2017

Grab yourself a free Doritos Locos Taco at your local Taco Bell on June 13 from 2pm to 6pm. This promotion came about from Taco Bell’s “steal a game, steal a taco” (if a team wins a game on the road) during the NBA finials.

No purchase necessary and limited to only one taco per person.

Is it worth it?
Yes, I do think this deal is worth heading over to Taco Bell for. Although it only saves you $2, if you bring the family plus the in-laws, cousins, and the whole neighborhood… maybe we could feed America!

No purchase necessary deals pretty much always hit 5 stars on ValueGrub. Nothing tastes better than free. Right?

Deal Score: 5.0 Stars (Excellent)

Kevin O

Kevin O

Hello there, my name is Kevin. I enjoy long walks to most fast food restaurants. I like to wiggle my toes through the ketchup drawer while basking under the heat lamps. I only take my food seriously. Everything else is in the air, flying aimlessly. Contact Me - Rating Scale - My Thoughts on Nutrition
Kevin O