Company Wendy’s
 Promo Price $1.00
 Date Posted 9/26/2016
 Expires 10/31/2016
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It’s Halloween season, which means Wendy’s is offering a $1 coupon book which grants you 5 “free” junior frostys (they do this every year). Each junior frosty is valued at $0.20 verses $0.99 (regularly). The coupons do not need to be redeemed at once but I do believe they expire (not sure when). Choose between their chocolate or vanilla flavors.

$0.85 of every $1 coupon book sold will benefit the Dave Thomas Foundation for Adoption. They score a 95.47/100 on Charity Navigator. 91.4% of donations go toward their programs/mission. Awesome!

Is it worth it?
I am very iffy when large companies use non-profits to help benefit themselves… it truly is a double edge sword. If you like the concept of the deal, fine – grab a few coupon books for your family, friends and co-workers (they make a nice gesture). But if you want to make the donation, doing so directly is better in my opinion, you can do so here.

Deal Score: 5.0 Stars (Excellent)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O