50 cent frosty

 Company Wendy’s
 Promo Price $0.50
 Date Posted 8/25/2016
 Expires Expired
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Update (9/18/2016): Wendy’s has expired this promotion but they have replaced it with a coupon book with 5 junior frostys for $1, which is a $4.95 value.

It seems Wendy’s is back at it again with their 50 cent frosty deal. Am I complaining? No way!

For $0.50 you will get a small Frosty and your choice of chocolate or vanilla. Personally, I prefer the vanilla. Try both if you haven’t had one yet. 🙂

Is it worth it?
Auh, does a bear shit in the woods? Where else can you buy something for two quarters? This isn’t the 1950’s. Geeze. How dare you even ask that question. I believe this Frosty is normally priced near $1.89 or something. Go pick up a few thousand of them. Spread the love.

Deal Score: 5.0 Stars (Excellent)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O