Company Burger King
 Promo Price 2 for $5.00
 Start Date 10/17/2020
 Expires N/A

Get 2 select sandwiches (see below for options) at Burger King for $5. This is a mix and match deal so you can choose between a Whopper, original chicken, fish sandwich or 9 piece chicken fries. Two Whoppers for $5? Wow… count me in!

Is it worth it?
Burger King has been running this deal for awhile now but they have sweetened the deal (they used to charge $6). Last time I rated this deal a “decent” but since they lowered the price (isn’t that rare now-a-days?) to $5, I will give it a “good/excellent” score.

What do you think about this deal?

Deal Score: 4.5 Stars (Good/Excellent)

Kevin O

Kevin O

Hello there, my name is Kevin. I enjoy long walks to most fast food restaurants. I like to wiggle my toes through the ketchup drawer while basking under the heat lamps. I only take my food seriously. Everything else is in the air, flying aimlessly. Contact Me - Rating Scale - My Thoughts on Nutrition
Kevin O

One Comment

  1. John Chandler

    Burger King # 14040 in Auburn, Me would not honor the 2 for $5 whopper saying it had to be done thru an App. and charged the $5 + $1 for two for 4 of them. ??? yes or no?