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 Date Posted7/16/2017

At participating McDonald’s when you buy five McCafe beverages you will get the next one free. The McDonald’s app is used to track your progress (you don’t need to pay through the app).

This offer expires on December 31 — so we have nothing to look forward to for 2018. Thanks McDonald’s… thanks a lot.

When you open the app on your phone, click the little doohickey on the top left (the three horizontal lines), then click deals. This page will show you 1.) all the deals currently going on at McDonald’s (basically they never want you to visit ValueGrub 🙁 again) and 2.) how close you are to getting a free McCafe beverage. Allow 12 hours for it to mark your purchase and once you’re eligible for the drink, you must wait until the next day to redeem.

Is it worth it?
Once you download the app and sign up this deal becomes a little easier to take advantage of. If you like the McCafe line of drinks, this deal would probably appeal to you more than me.

When it comes down to brass tax (can you get the reference? No? Nevermind) this promotion is only a rewards program with an expiration date. However, it does reward you with a freebie more often than the competitors. Also, I like that McD’s doesn’t require you to pay through the app (loading a balance, etc. is pretty annoying… *cough* Starbucks – we get it, you want to save money on transaction costs but at the cost of inconveniencing your customer… blah). Good job McDonald’s!

Deal Score: 4.0 Stars (Good)

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Kevin O

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