Company Denny’s
 Promo Price $4.00
 Date Posted 8/21/2017
 Expires 8/21/2017

Wait… you might be asking yourself. “Self, why is Kevin posting information about a restaurant that isn’t fast food?” Heck, it’s a solar eclipse. Everything is out of whack today.

Denny’s is running a single day promotion for all you can eat mooncakes for $4 on August 21, 2017, in celebration of the solar eclipse. What’s a mooncake? I have no idea.

Is it worth it?
Depends. Do you like pancakes? I don’t… yes, I am an alien. But I will give this deal a good to excellent. Where else can you eat unlimited pancakes for 4 bones? Maybe you could stuff a few mooncakes with syrup into your pocket before you leave? I would.

Edit: most locations only charge $2 for two pancakes. So unless you plan to eat more than four pancakes, this deal isn’t worth it. Maybe getting one for the whole table is the way to go?

Deal Score: 2.0 Stars (Meh)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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