$5 flavor menu Pizza Hut

 Company Pizza Hut
 Promo Price $5.00
 Date Posted 8/31/2016
 Expires Limited time
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Pizza Hut’s $5 flavor menu is all about value here. Choose between a medium 1 topping pizza ($1 extra for pan pizza), 8 boneless wings, tuscani pasta, ultimate chocolate chip cookie, double order of breadsticks or flavor sticks, stuffed garlic knots, triple chocolate brownie, or 4 20oz Pepsi beverages. You get a ton of different food choices to mix and match to your choosing.

*Note: you need to buy two or more items in order to get this deal. But, I don’t think that is much of a problem considering the vast amount of food choices.

Is it worth it?
Definitely! You can feed an entire family for around 10 bones or yourself with a day of leftovers. I give it a borderline good to excellent on my deal score.

Deal Score: 4.5 Stars (Good/Excellent)


Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O