Company Popeyes
 Promo Price $2.99
 Date Posted 8/20/2016
 Expires Limited time

You will get two big pieces of Popeyes bonafide chicken (thigh and leg/wing) and a buttery biscuit for just $2.99 during their love that chicken month.

At participating restaurants only. I visited my local Popeyes and they weren’t running this promotion, so keep that in mind.

Is it worth it?
Yes, I think so but I still feel like we’re paying a premium for the fried chicken. The biscuit is pretty much flour, water and 15 pounds of butter (cheap to make). They got to make something after paying rent, payroll, electricity, food ingredients, processing costs, etc.

Deal Score: 4.0 Stars (Good)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O