Company Popeyes
 Promo Price $5.00
 Start Date 8/24/2017
 Expires 9/24/2017

Popeyes is offering their $5 big box again and boy is it bonafide! Your choice of either a two piece mixed chicken or three chicken tenders with two regular sides and a biscuit.

Their sides consist of Cajun fries, corn on the cob, mac and cheese, mashed potatoes, red beans and rice, Cajun rice, green beans, cole slaw, or onion rings. This will give you something to think about on your way to Popeyes (which sides to choose from).

Keep in mind, this is at participating restaurants only. Whatever that means… no one likes stingy fast food franchisees.

Is it worth it?
I think this is a borderline good to excellent deal. It brings a lot of food for five bucks (a complete meal for a single person). Decent amount of fried chicken too! Some may say it’s a bonafide deal but here at ValueGrub we’ll just call it an excellent, 4 1/2 star – leaning more to 5 star deal (yeah, we’re boring).

Deal Score: 4.5 Stars (Good/Excellent)

Kevin O

Kevin O

Hello there, my name is Kevin. I enjoy long walks to most fast food restaurants. I like to wiggle my toes through the ketchup drawer while basking under the heat lamps. I only take my food seriously. Everything else is in the air, flying aimlessly. Contact Me - Rating Scale - My Thoughts on Nutrition
Kevin O

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