Company Starbucks
 Promo Price 25% Off
 Start Date 8/2/2017
 Expires 8/7/2017

Next time you’re at Target (make sure you get there before August 7, because this deal expires), grab yourself any Frappuccino of your choosing (any size too) and get 25% off. Limit one use per day, per account.

Hold your horses! You need to have the Target app (Cartwheel) on your phone. You can either open the app on your phone and look for the deal or head over to the Cartwheel site, then click the “add” button, login to your account and it will apply the 25% discount to your account (which you will scan at Starbucks).

Is it worth it?
I know there is an unhealthy addiction to Frappuccinos and you might be diagnosed with this problem. I am not judging you. Please don’t get mad at me because I set this deal to decent. Sorry if I hurt your feelings. Bars.

Deal Score: 3.0 Stars (Decent)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O