Company Starbucks
 Promo Price $5.00
 Date Posted 2/23/2017
 Expires 4/2/2017
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Update (3/24/2017): this offer expires April 2nd. Also they added the sausage, cheddar & egg sandwich. So you have two choices now, the bacon gouda or sausage cheddar sandwich plus the grande (medium) brewed coffee.

For a limited time, Starbucks is offering a bacon, gouda and egg breakfast sandwich with a grande pike place roast for only $5.

Is it worth it?
A promotion from Starbucks? No way. Someone pinch me… Thanks.

The sandwich retails for about $3.80 to $5.00 depending where you’re located (I pay about $4.50) and the coffee, I believe, is around $2.50. I gave this deal a meh for those that don’t eat out at Starbucks often and a good if you find yourself at Starbucks regularly. You’ll save about 20 – 30% off retail with this deal.

Deal Score: 3.5 Stars (Meh/Good)


Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O