Company Starbucks
 Promo Price BOBO
 Start Date 8/3/2017
 Time 2PM – 5PM
 Expires 8/7/2017

From August 3rd to the 7th, buy one Macchiato beverage and get the second one free during their “International Friendship Day” promotion. Please note the time, make sure you order from 2PM – 5PM (local).

No coupon necessary! You don’t need to tell them you want this deal, just order two of your favorite Macchiato’s and they will apply the deal automatically. Easy is easy, my friend!

Is it worth it?
Yes, I think this is a decent deal. Although you have to buy one and share another with someone you love, there is no need to opt-in with your information. If you have someone to share a drink with, just do it. Wait… maybe Phil Knight said that first? I thought I was original. Damn.

Deal Score: 3.5 Stars (Decent/Good)

Kevin O

Kevin O

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Kevin O