Company Subway
 Promo Price $6.00
 Date Posted 2/07/2017
 Expires 2/28/2017
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For a limited time Subway has a $6 footlong sub promotion. Your choice of any 12 inch sub from the menu for only six bucks.

Is it worth it?
Five dollar, five dollar footlong! Wait, that’s not right. Six dollar, six dollar footlong. Wow, that sounds terrible. Hey Subway, what happened to the $5 footlong? Fine… increase the price by one dollar, I’m going to take one star from our deal score. How about them apples?

This deal is going to save you $2 – $4 off menu price (depending on what you get). Hopefully, we won’t be singing $7 footlong in a few months.

Deal Score: 4.0 Stars (Good)


Kevin O

Kevin O

Hello there, my name is Kevin. I enjoy long walks to most fast food restaurants. I like to wiggle my toes through the ketchup drawer while basking under the heat lamps. I only take my food seriously. Everything else is in the air, flying aimlessly. Contact Me - Rating Scale - My Thoughts on Nutrition
Kevin O