Checkers Bacon Checker Burger Review:

Price Paid: $2.00 | Company: Checkers/Rally’s
I was able to grab two of these burgers for 4 bucks, making them 2 bones apiece. At current pricing you can get this burger instead of their basic checker burger however, you need to buy two of them.

Nice sesame-seed bun holds a cluster of ingredients thrown together carelessly. The shredded lettuce is the culprit here. Damn that lettuce making my life more difficult and messy. Ain’t nobody got time for napkins. But who are we fooling? We don’t care! Bring on the shredded lettuce. We embrace the mess and dirty shirts. The build includes:

  • Sesame-seed bun
  • Mayonnaise and ketchup
  • Pickles
  • Red onion
  • Shredded lettuce
  • Tomato
  • Two strips of bacon
  • Yellow American cheese
  • 2oz of beef
Pictures (click to enlarge):

Taste (8.6/10):
Checkers takes their signature burger, slaps two big slices of bacon and some yellow American cheese onto an already good burger. What isn’t there to like? Meat is seasoned well; juicy and has great taste. Lots of produce on this burger… the red onion and tomato add a nice bite. The mayo and cheese mellow the acidity from the pickle and ketchup. The bacon doesn’t get lost in the smorgasbord of ingredients and adds a nice smokey taste to the overall burger. The ends of the bacon were a bit undercooked and tough (difficult to chew).

Value (8.5/10):
I paid $2.00 for this burger (but had to buy two of them to get this deal). Lots of produce on this burger, which translates to more cost for them and ultimately us. I removed some points due to the need of having to buy two to get this pricing. A good deal none-the-less. I would pay in upward of $2.99 for this burger.

ValueGrub Rating: 8.6 Stars (8.6 / 10)

Nutritional Information:

 Calories  440
 Fat Calories  190
 Fat  22g
 Saturated Fat  9g
 Cholesterol  50mg
 Sodium  1310mg
 Carbs  40g
 Fiber  2g
 Sugar  9g
 Protein  21g

440 calories (21 calories per gram of protein). Obviously cutting the bacon and cheese from the burger is going to help reduce your saturated fat and calorie count. Removing the mayo can further reduce it to about 400 calories, helping you keep the bacon and cheese (if you so wish). Personally, I would remove the mayo and cheese from my burger.

Based on a 2,000 calorie diet:

– You can eat 4 1/2 bacon checker burgers, per day.

– You will reach 22 grams of suggested saturated fat in 1,076 calories or 2 1/2 bacon checker burgers.

– You will reach 300mg of suggested cholesterol in 6 bacon checker burgers.

Health Rating: 1.60 Stars

Kevin O

Kevin O

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