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Taco Bell Beefy Mini Quesadilla Review:

Price Paid: $1.29 | Company: Taco Bell
This quesadilla is found on Taco Bell’s craving menu ($1.00) but is the beefy mini quesadilla mini in flavor and value? I am glad you asked! Below you will find my review on it.

Okay… I know this is a food review site but what does this quesadilla look like inside? Don’t lie to yourself, I know what you’re thinking. Embrace it. On this episode of fear factor, we will be eating a mini beef quesadilla from Taco Bell. Oh no, not the beef quesadilla! It’s not that bad so don’t worry. Although it doesn’t look very appealing, it only costs a buck (I paid $1.29 because… well… I’m not sure).

Not a great toast on the tortilla. I understand they want to save time/money and reduce waste by wrapping the quesadilla in foil (and “toasting” it) but it’s the reason the sucker is moist. A little unattractive and awkward to eat. It’s pretty funny, I see a lot of reviews with people getting these immaculate quesadillas as if they went home and toasted it on their panini maker. Taco Bell must not like me. I’m tired of your moist tortillas dammit. “Kevin, stop being so cheap.” Okay fine, you got me.

  • Flour tortilla
  • Chipotle sauce
  • Seasoned ground beef
  • Three cheese blend
Pictures (click to enlarge):

Taste (8.4/10):
I wasn’t very excited to eat this after taking pictures of the inside. Never been a big fan of Taco Bell’s seasoned ground beef mixture and this just didn’t look very good. However, the flavors work together very well. After thinking I was eating a wet sheet of paper, I realized that this quesadilla tastes pretty good, better than their shredded chicken (which is pretty dry).

The spice from the chipotle sauce is a little overwhelming (I am a baby when it comes to spicy food – so don’t judge me). The cheese is a nice addition to the spice (taming it ever so slightly). The creamy spice and some smoke flavor linger even after the entire thing has disappeared.

Value (7.9/10):
The quality of this quesadilla isn’t as good as say their shredded chicken quesadilla due to the watered down beef they like to call their seasoned ground beef. The real shredded three cheese blend appears to be of good quality. You might not get full off one of these, so you might need to order two to be satisfied.

ValueGrub Rating: 8.15 Stars (8.15 / 10)

Nutritional Information:

 Calories  210
 Fat Calories  100
 Fat  12g
 Saturated Fat  4g
 Cholesterol  25mg
 Sodium  530mg
 Carbs  17g
 Fiber  3g
 Sugar  1g
 Protein  9g

210 calories (23.3 calories per gram of protein). If you’re looking for a healthier option on Taco Bell’s cravings menu, consider their mini shredded chicken quesadilla (8.1/10). Chicken is much leaner than beef; there will be less saturated fat and calories. If you have an option to choose chicken over beef, consider chicken if you’re looking to improve your health and/or lose weight. Anyways… you can further reduce the calorie count of this quesadilla by opting out of the chipotle sauce (or ask for light but I doubt they will do that).

Based on a 2,000 calorie diet:

– You can eat 9 1/2 beefy mini quesadillas, per day.

– You will reach 22 grams of suggested saturated fat in 1,155 calories or 5 1/2 beefy mini quesadillas.

– You will reach 300mg of suggested cholesterol in 12 beefy mini quesadillas.

Health Rating: 1.71 Stars

Kevin O

Kevin O

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