McDonalds_logoMcDonald’s McCafe Strawberry Shake Review:

Price Paid: $2.39 (small) | Company: McDonald’s
Also known as their strawberry milkshake, it comes in three sizes: small $2.39, medium $2.89, and large $3.39. I picked up the small for me, myself, and I; quite excited about it. Come ‘on – it’s dessert, with a straw!

This milkshake brings a maraschino cherry but I couldn’t resist, I ate it and replaced it with a straw. Please forgive me for being so selfish… I am a good person, I swear. This milkshake looks of good quality with a clean presentation, I was pleasantly surprised. The shake itself has a few bits of real strawberry which I think it could use more of at this price.

  • Vanilla reduced fat ice cream
  • Strawberry shake syrup
  • Whipped cream
  • One maraschino cherry
Pictures (click to enlarge):

Taste (7.3/10):
Pieces of real strawberry in a thick milk base (think soft serve ice cream). This sucker is sweet! It almost tastes like cotton candy mixed with very little strawberry flavor. At first, I thought I ordered a cotton candy milkshake. Seriously! The best way to describe the taste is Hershey’s strawberry syrup and milk, but with a little less artificial flavor. Don’t get me wrong this shake tastes very artificial. If you don’t like it, your kids will love it.

Fluffy whip cream is thick and creamy, the best part of the milkshake, I think. Let’s just call it pillows of love. Good milkshake but I cannot shake (no pun intended) the cotton candy/artificial flavor.

Value (8.0/10):
I paid $2.39 for a small, which isn’t a bad deal but not a great one either. You get what you pay for and in this case you get a milkshake with syrup instead of real fruit. I think more strawberry fruit pieces would make it a better deal.

ValueGrub Rating: 7.6 Stars (7.6 / 10)

Nutritional Information:

 Calories 520
 Fat Calories 140
 Fat 15g
 Saturated Fat 10g
 Cholesterol 60mg
 Sodium 150mg
 Carbs 85g
 Fiber 0g
 Sugar 74g
 Protein 11g

520 calories (47.3 calories per gram of protein). Okay… this milkshake has about 9 million grams of sugar. Sharing is caring. Think about it, you can enjoy this with more karma than you started with! This small milkshake is more than double your daily suggested sugar intake (38g for men, 25g for women as suggested by AHA).

Based on a 2,000 calorie diet:

– You can eat 3 3/4 McCafe strawberry shakes, per day.

– You will reach 22 grams of suggested saturated fat in 1,144 calories or 2 1/4 McCafe strawberry shakes.

– You will reach 300 mg of suggested cholesterol in 5 McCafe strawberry shakes.

Health Rating: 0.69 Stars

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Kevin O

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