McDonalds_logoMcDonald’s McDouble Review:

Price Paid: $1.49 | Company: McDonald’s
The McDouble is McDonald’s cheapest double patty cheeseburger that they offer on their menu. It includes two beef patties, a single slice of American cheese and some condiments. How does it measure up to our rating scale?

Ahhhh, my burger is bleeding – someone get the gauze! Oh, wait… that’s just ketchup, thank goodness. Whew. It’s almost uncharacteristic of McDonald’s to add too much of a single condiment, in this case, ketchup.

The bun looks good with a nice toast on the underside (typical of McD’s). Moderate amount of mustard. Chopped white onion that I like to refer to as their onion relish which is found on their cheaper/value burgers. Yellow American doesn’t exactly get me excited. The McDonald’s McDouble contains:

  • Mustard & ketchup
  • Chopped white onions
  • Two pickles
  • Yellow American cheese
  • Two beef patties
Pictures (click to enlarge):

Taste (7.3/10):
The two patties of meat and cheese mellow out the acidity from the pickle and ketchup. Not much meat flavor to be found, however, the yellow American cheese helps the overall burger in flavor. The meat was juicy and the soft bun was welcoming. The pickle left a lingering aftertaste.

The condiments and extras overpower this burger, I feel (this might be because of the extra ketchup they added). The McDouble is a pretty simple burger with nothing exciting about it. I think it is more suited for kids than an adult. Or if you’re on a budget, don’t expect the world because like I said, it is simple tasting.

To compare this burger against their double hamburger, I would have to say this one tastes a little better simply because of the cheese. It pretty much melds everything together, cuts some of the acidity, and adds a touch of creaminess. Balance is key.

Value (8.4/10):
The McDouble is 30 cents more expensive than McD’s double hamburger ($1.19 verses $1.49), the only difference between the two being a slice of yellow American cheese. Is it worth it? Well, that depends on what you like on your burger. It does add to the overall flavor, so I do think it does justify the price.

ValueGrub Rating: 7.85 Stars (7.85 / 10)

Nutritional Information:

 Calories 390
 Fat Calories 160
 Fat 18g
 Saturated Fat 8g
 Cholesterol 70mg
 Sodium 850mg
 Carbs 34g
 Fiber 2g
 Sugar 7g
 Protein 22g

390 calories (17.7 calories per gram of protein). Asking for plain without cheese (aka, a McDonald’s double hamburger) will reduce the calories from 390 to 320 and from 8g of saturated fat to 6g. The calories are decent for a meal, however, the saturated fat is quite high thus the low rating on our health scale. I suggest you eat these (burgers in general) in moderation or not at all if you’re having trouble with your health (heart disease or strokes). This is coming from the bottom of my heart. You can read more about my mission, here.

Based on a 2,000 calorie diet:

– You can eat 5 McDoubles, per day.

– You will reach 22 grams of suggested saturated fat in 1,073 calories or 2 3/4 McDoubles.

– You will reach 300 mg of suggested cholesterol in 4 1/4 McDoubles.

Health Rating: 1.59 Stars

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Kevin O

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