Chick-fil-AlogoChick-fil-A Chicken Deluxe Sandwich Review:

Price Paid: $3.69 | Company: Chick-fil-A
I don’t think I could have made this chicken sandwich look any better than it already is. High-quality ingredients can be found from bun to chicken, but does that measure up to good flavor and value? Read on to find out.

The CFA deluxe chicken sandwich comes in three cheese choices, yellow American, Colby Jack, or Pepper Jack; I settled for the pepper jack. The bun on this sandwich looks awesome, buttered and toasted. Beautifully green lettuce with two slices of tomato. Melted pepper jack cheese sits atop a fried chicken breast. I was really impressed with the quality of this sandwich. Great eye-appeal, if not the best compared to all the other fast food chicken sandwiches. Oh yeah, I went there. The ingredients are:

  • Buttered bun
  • Pepper Jack cheese
  • Hand-breaded chicken breast
  • Two tomatoes
  • Green leaf lettuce
  • Pickles
Pictures (click to enlarge):

Taste (8.0/10):
When I look at Chick-fil-A’s deluxe chicken sandwich on their website, the way they build the sandwich is completely different than what I got. It’s supposed to be (top to bottom) bun, lettuce, tomatoes, cheese, chicken, and pickles. As you can see above, the sandwich I got doesn’t look like that, which caused the chicken to be soggy. No one likes soggy chicken. Am I right? The lettuce although beautiful was wet (they didn’t dry it) washing out the flavor. This could have been an isolated issue, however, I have to review it based on my experience.

I think the pickles overpower all of the ingredients, stealing the show. I get a little spice from the cheese and chicken. A creamy aftertaste from the cheese follows through after each bite. I wasn’t a fan of the Pepper Jack cheese… I want to update this post with the two other kinds of cheese they offer (American and Colby).

Value (9.3/10):
Although this sandwich failed on the execution aspect, I still think it is of great quality and value. For that reason, it was given an excellent on our value scale. Where else can you find a hand-breaded fried chicken breast with an option of three cheese choices? Excellent looking lettuce and two slices of tomato for under 4 bones? Sign me up!

ValueGrub Rating: 8.65 Stars (8.65 / 10)

Nutritional Information:

 Calories  500
 Fat Calories  210
 Fat  23g
 Saturated Fat  7g
 Cholesterol  70mg
 Sodium  1640mg
 Carbs  43g
 Fiber  3g
 Sugar  7g
 Protein  32g

500 calories (15.63 calories per gram of protein). if you’re on a diet you might want to consider the Chick-fil-A Chicken Sandwich (which was given a 3.6 on our health rating scale). Or if you prefer the lettuce and tomato, you can omit the cheese and opt for the whole wheat bun (without butter). You would be looking at more along the lines of 400 calories.

Based on a 2,000 calorie diet:

– You can eat 4 chicken deluxe sandwiches, per day.

– You will reach 22 grams of suggested saturated fat in 1,571 calories or 3 1/4 chicken deluxe sandwiches.

– You will reach 300mg of suggested cholesterol in 4 1/4 chicken deluxe sandwiches.

Health Rating: 2.33 Stars

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Kevin O

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